How to run the first email marketing campaign 2020

We are going to know all about email marketing, how it works and guidelines to lunch your first campaign. So let’s start.

What is Email Marketing?

in the most basic sense, email marketing is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers or clients. We can also say internet marketing.

Now it can be understood better by example. Here I have pulled up some real-life example using email marketing for your better understanding.

Suppose you are a blogger and you have collected a lot of email addresses of relevant peoples. Whenever you post a blog to your site you can use these emails to bring more traffic to your website. All you have to create an email template and paste the blog URL in it and Boom!. That’s! You have promoted your website through email marketing. It’s interesting, right?

How Does Email Marketing work?

Now let’s go ahead and know, how does email marketing works.

We do email marketing for many reasons,

Most significant email marketing purposes are, Promoting Product or service, Communicating with clients and customers, Sending News later, Automation, etc.  

Ways of email marketing can be understood in three to four steps. The very first step is to determine the motive behind email marketing.

Step 1: Let’s say you are a small business owner who wants to promote his products to potential customers.

Step 2: Build an email list of your potential customers. If you don’t have an email list who do you send your emails? 

Read this article If you want to learn, how to build a targeted audience email list.

Once you have built a good email list then you can step into a successful email campaign.

Step 3: Now it comes to how to send. In this step, you have to choose an email marketing tool. We must have a tool in order to reach your audience.  There are a lot of email marketing tools available on the market. You can use free or premium tools. It actually depends on how big is your list, how often you want to send etc. If you have a small email list I would recommend you to go with a free email marketing tool.

Some of the best email marketing tools are:

  • Mailchimp (free/paid)

  • SendPulse (free/paid)

  • Sender (free/paid)

  • Aweber (paid)

  • Convert Kit (paid)

Step 4: Now create an email body and subject line. Include all the things you want to send. But make sure the subject line is perfect because it will appear first to the customer. You have to be cleaver about it and somehow to make him forced to open it. That’s how your campaign will be successful.

Once you have created an attractive email subject line and body you are ready to blow the wind.

Click on the SEND button and let them know your Idea.

 If you have any question please reach us through comments.

Hope you have found this information beneficial.

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How to run the first email marketing campaign 2020

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